~ " I love being part of DIVAS. I look forward to being here next year! I have learned a lot abotu different careers and volunteering."        - Tee Cee, 15

~ " DIVAS taught me what is means to volunteer, and help people in a respectable manner."  - Alisa, 15

~ " I had so much fun this week and learned how to show leadership!  - Mikayla, 13

~ " I had a fun time, met new people, and learned new things."  - Katlyne, 14

~" I learned so much and now I am not shy."  - Symone, 16

~ " I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. I am REALLY looking forward to next year!!!" - Marchyelle, 16

~ " I can communicate better with others, and got some very good study tips."  - Troya, 15

~ " DIVAS, Inc. taught me how to help people and be the best person I can be!"  - Keyshia, 17

~ " I learned to control my attitude and to always know how to keep a high self-esteem. I learned some case studies and how to deal with difficult situations."  - Candace, 17